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Fri Feb 11, 2011 has taken on new developers!
Some of you may have noticed that has not been getting very regular updates. To help with this the site and toolbar are now being maintained by a small group of web developers called Online By Design LLC. You can checkout their website at

Mon Sep 13, 2010
Check out a new venture of mine: (don't forget the dash).
I also put the same thing on this domain: (also with the dashes).

Sat Apr 4, 2009
Version 1.60 is in production and being tested by some fantastic volunteers. Once it is ready, the next update should include an LDS Toolbar Radio which will (currently) play BYU Radio Stations!


Welcome to!
The official home of the LDS Toolbar now has new developers!

Online By Design LLC is a small group of web developers who care about the success of the LDSToolbar. If you have any suggestions or ideas that could make this site or the toolbar better let us know.

The LDS Toolbar is a new research tool for people of the LDS faith. It puts Scriptures, LDS Links (Websites), The Church's Latest News, and Searching capabilities right at your fingertips!

Once installed, the LDS Toolbar will become a part of your Firefox web browser. If you do not have Firefox installed you can get it here.

If you have any questions or ideas for the toolbar or if you would like to help contribute to the project, visit this page.

Thank you for your interest in the LDS Toolbar.

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