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Corporate values: innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence. Enterprise spirit: pioneering, innovation, pragmatism, and dedication.
The overall goal: a new product, effective, and made great contributions to the environment, the United States, workers rich.
Development goals: to create a world-class technology, specifically the steam "of the automotive industry Valley.

Business purposes: industry serve to revitalize national industry; brand to contribute to the community for the purpose.
Enterprise style: technology as a fundamental quality of life.
Sense of team: one heart and one mind, unity and hard work; sincere cooperation, hand in hand.

Business philosophy: build a Car Run, a monument, cross-party friends, expand a market. Hubei Yun force steam to brand market share, in order to win market integrity, innovation and open up the market.
Market concept: the quality of today is tomorrow's market, the credibility of the enterprise is invisible market, customer satisfaction is the eternal market.
Concept of competition: quitting brave victory, brave to meet a wise man wins; Run force is always five minutes faster than the opponent.
Management philosophy: on-site management - standardization; quality management - standardization; cost management - the market; marketing management - networking; management - people oriented;
The concept of quality: product qualification is our responsibility, quality and excellence is our contribution; the effectiveness of money, the quality of life; quality is the lifeline Run force is the patron saint of life.
Marketing idea: run the trucks, and never let you down. No quality, there will be no market, no integrity, there is no market. Brand marketing, integrated, mutual benefit and development of plans. Adhere to a center (the user), relying on two-class (products and services), to play the three forces (skills perseverance in good faith).

Sense of responsibility: responsibility is extremely heavy responsibility laid integrity; responsibility is a prerequisite for business cooperation, responsibility is the cornerstone of the partnership a win-win.
Sense of responsibility to the employees: workers would like to think, workers are worried about the solution of the workers of the difficult.
Sense of responsibility to the user: Buy Yun-power car, no worries; Run force loyal due diligence for the user.
Sense of responsibility to shareholders: a highly responsible, long-term return.
Sense of responsibility of the partner: mutual benefit and win-win cooperation and common growth.
Social sense of responsibility: caring for nature, the effort to return.

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