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Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is an independent research and development capacity of the national focus on specific car manufacturer. After years of unremitting efforts of all employees of the company, has formed a complete design, manufacturing, sales, quality testing and after-sales service of industrial chain. After-sales service is our company sale, sale and after-sales part of an important pillar of. Especially in recent years with the commencement of the company's production capacity rising and export trade, after-sales service system has been full perfection.

First, the service system
The service system is an important part of quality management system passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, the company on December 7, 2005 (Registration No. 03605Q10510ROS).

Second, the service guarantee
Our services is strictly fulfill the company procedures and quality manual, the combination of market and user requirements, and offer protection.

Third, the principle of service
Professional to create value, integrity, cast the future!

Fourth, service agencies
The service sector, under the leadership of the sales company responsible for service work and overseas institutions.

Fifth, the principle of service
Strictly follow the user manual, under normal operating conditions, vehicle factory registration card from the beginning on the date of purchase (date) In one year, due to the design, manufacture, assembly causes the products mechanical damage and other quality problems in a timely manner written information submitted to the company after-sales service department, service department to confirm the Three Guarantees.
Specific services are as follows:
Warranty Services during the period product quality repair kits, repairs and maintenance free (excluding wearing parts and electrical parts).
2, the lifetime warranty. More than the product for repair during the period, in need of replacement accessories to charge only the costs associated with fees.
3, free training for the operator:
⑴ senior engineer on-site guidance, learning theory and practical arrangement by factory;
⑵ to master the basic theory, performance and functionality of the private car;
(3) according to the procedure of skilled operations;
⑷ can carry out normal day-to-day maintenance, to the exclusion of the general technical failure.

Six branch offices, maintenance, location, time of service, technical force, contact
A professional maintenance of the chassis (moving part): the local Dongfeng Automobile service station ", the" liberation of FAW service station "chassis supply enterprises designated technical service stations for normal travel insurance, maintenance. Details please refer to the vehicle warranty booklet.
2, device-specific part: three bags of after-sales service of one year, my company service department will be assigned to the professional home maintenance personnel service user requests.
Service time: 24-hour maintenance staff arrived at the designated locations.
4, Technical strength: modified according to the professional automotive industry requirements "engineer" level of professional technicians.

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