Her Yoga Secrets (Yoga Burn) Reviews By Zoe Bray Cotton

Her Yoga Secrets (Yoga Burn) Reviews By Zoe Bray Cotton

It is a well known fact that yoga offers a wide range of benefits for your mind and body. Yoga helps you lose weight, tone your body, reduce stress and enhance mental function and, it improves your overall well being in the best possible manner. At the same time; many people follow the yoga poses in the wrong manner and they often complain that they are not getting the expected results. The important aspect is that you should perform your yoga practice in the right way if you want to enjoy all the benefits associated with yoga. That is exactly where the importance of an unbiased Her Yoga Secrets review comes in.

What is Her Yoga Secrets? (Also known as Yoga Burn)

It is an innovative 12-week yoga program designed for women and a progressive 3-phase method of approach has been employed to make the results fast and long lasting. The creator of this product, Zoe Bray Cotton is a well known personal trainer and yoga instructor as well. You can download this body shaping program using laptop, desktop, smartphone or any device that you prefer and the cost of this product is $37 only. If you want a physical version of this product along with the digital version, you just need to spend only the shipping and handling charges additionally. The entire package consists of two bonus gifts known as Follow-along Audio Classes and the Tranquil Flow.

Three Important Yoga Mistakes That People Often Commit:

Women often make three common mistakes while practicing yoga and these three reasons make their efforts ineffective. Attending generic yoga classes is the first mistake and this method of approach does not serve the purpose in the best possible manner. The physical capabilities and level of experience vary with different women and when you attend generic classes, you may be pushed beyond your abilities. Such a situation leads to injuries and your weight loss efforts become really ineffective.

The second mistake is to believe that all types of yoga classes reduce stress levels and make you feel relaxed. It can be described as a wrong perception. When you become stressed, the production of a stress hormone called cortisol increases in your body and fat absorption becomes higher and faster. Traditional yoga classes do not teach you how to reduce stress effectively and quite naturally, you store more fat.

The third mistake is to attend yoga classes that do not promote enough variance in terms of routine. This situation does not help you progress well and you get stuck at the existing level.

What is the solution?

The best solution to eliminate these mistakes is to attend yoga classes that design a program based on your unique capabilities and fitness levels. That is what exactly happens with Her Yoga Secrets or Yoga Burn System and you can achieve consistent results by performing a series of yoga poses that are exclusively designed for you.

How does Her Yoga Secrets work?

Each and every unbiased Her Yoga Secrets review clearly explains how this program works to generate excellent results. Zoe Bray Cotton introduces a structured and unique approach known as dynamic sequencing and it helps women transform their bodies within 12 weeks. This program consists of three phases and they include Foundational flow phase, Transitional flow phase and the mastery flow phase.

First phase:

The first phase known as Foundational flow helps beginners build a strong yoga foundation and it provides all required information and instructions to perform each yoga pose in a safe and effective manner. This method of approach eliminates the risk of injury and, different strategic poses and sequences offer what exactly you need to burn pesky fat throughout your body.

Second phase:

This phase acts as the bridge between the first and third phase and, it creates accurate sequences that need to be implemented into your yoga routine. This phase helps you increase your metabolism and it teaches you how to maintain the metabolic rate at an elevated level for a longer period of time using various yoga poses. This Transitional flow phase also features a segment that focuses on your buttocks to tone it in the best manner.

Third phase:

As the name suggests; you are going to master different poses of yoga during this phase and the mastery flow phase builds on the knowledge acquired during the first two phases. It also focuses on improving your mental health including mood and eliminates all problem areas with utmost efficiency.

Pros Of Her Yoga Secrets:

1) This program teaches your body how to change and adapt to build a highly attractive feminine body.

2) It contains 3 phases that follow a systematic method of approach known as dynamic sequencing.

3) It guides you through 15 different videos that make the process of losing weight highly enjoyable.

4) Each objective Her Yoga secrets review clearly says that this program goes well with women of all fitness levels.

5) You do not need to worry about any injuries while following this program.

6) It improves mental health including mood in best possible manner.

7) The manufacturer offers a 60 day money back guarantee scheme and full amount will be refunded if you do not find the program effective.

8) It is a highly cost effective program compared to expensive yoga classes.

9) Along with the digital version, you can also purchase the physical version.

10) This progressive yoga program offers maximum results within 12 weeks.

11) You can expect a fully customized program that goes well with the varying physical capabilities and levels of experience of different people.

Cons Of Her Yoga Secrets:

1) If you do not follow this program with the right amount of motivation and discipline, you are not going to enjoy the expected results.

2) Some critics are of the option that it is primarily geared towards newbies.


What do all these aspects convey? When you analyze different factors like the credibility of the manufacturer, opinions of the existing customers, systematic method of approach employed and price, you can easily come to the conclusion that it is a highly effective yoga program and, each and every Her Yoga secrets review reasserts this conclusion without a fraction of doubt.

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